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To the left is St. Philip, representing the sign of Cancer.

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His hands are towards the chest showing the Cancerian tendency to accommodate, protect and take care of things. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer works with feelings. Philip is angled forward, portrayed as if offering himself to perform some task. At his side is St. James the Lesser, the Leonine, arms open, revealing with a sweeping gesture the power to radiate love. Leo governs the heart and the heart chakra. The expansive gesture shows his confident nature and the centering attention. Behind him, almost hidden, it is St.

Thomas, representing Virgo, the famous "seeing is believing" disciple.


Thomas does not fail to express the critical and inquisitive side of Virgo: with raised a finger he disputes before Christ. With hands clasped, she weighs and considers all opinions before taking positions. Libra rules the 7 th House, which is the sector of marriage and partnerships. There is conjecture that this figure was left as evidence that the Templars supposedly had knowledge about the marriage of Jesus and the destination of his descendants. Others state that this is not Mary Magdalene, but Saint John, the apostle, referred to as the one which Jesus loved.

Beside him is Judas Iscariot, Jesus' bodyguard, representing Scorpio.

Eating Art: Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper"

With one hand he holds a bag of money and with the other hand he knocks on the table in protest. Scorpio rules the 8 th House, which deals with goods, death, money, debts and the property?? Next is Peter, the Fisherman of Souls, representing the joyful Sagittarius. It was he who created the original dogma and church law.

Astrological and Mystical Emblems of the Last Supper IV

Sagittarius rules the 9 th House: industry, law, religions and philosophy. His finger points to Jesus as the goal of Sagittarius is spiritual. He also stands between Mary and Judas, bringing clarification and light to the discussion. Sagittarius is the "uplifting" sign of the zodiac.

Andrew, the Capricorn. The most responsible sign of the zodiac, he imposes limits with his restrictive gestures.

His thin face and protuberant bones reveal the Capricorn biotype. His hair and beard are white, and his face shows the serious relationship that Capricorn obtains with time and wisdom. Beside St Andrew, we find St. James Major, the Aquarian, who addresses the other apostle with one of his hands on the shoulder of James in a friendly gesture, while the other extends to the yet another.

Astrology birth chart for Leonardo da Vinci

He knew that it was a matter of Time, until the true seed of our being would take hold in the Earth and bare its 'fruit' or its Light. Note that in the English translation of the gospel, Jesus speaks of the superior 'generation' as being 'Self-Generating':. The experience lived, known, becomes the means to undermine whatever seeks to be born.

The stagnation of the human consciousness, represented in the Gnostic Circle' by Scorpio, the sign of death, degeneration and regeneration [3], owes its condition to the fact that there is a blockage of energy produced by barriers in consciousness regarding time-energy. Divisive time, fragmented and separative, results in a caving in, a collapse - precisely at the point when formidable sustaining power is demanded, which expresses itself in the evolution of consciousness as a release of energy that is the very power utilised for the ongoing, upward-moving ascent to the Summit.

In this manner, the black hole is revealed as a luminous container, a source of formidable light-energy to be tapped and utilized; which is precisely the element offered the human being to the effect of the great crossing. Yet to be able to make use of this fount the process of undermining has to be arrested. In the spiritual life this is accomplished by a refusal to allow any suggestions to penetrate the individual consciousness which corrode his or her experience of the intrinsic reality of creation. But when one has made the choice and has agreed to embark upon this new way, then the temperament of the hero is demanded, because one is faced with a world as yet unredeemed, with an Ignorance still in command, with a consciousness wracked day and night by the awareness of human misery - and as yet the clear path out of this darkness is unmanifest.

We also find in the RigVeda 1. The mention of these signs in backward order within the zodiac, suggests that Vishnu's famous Steps correspond a movement in time - the Precession of the Equinoxes, which moves degrees backward through the zodiac in 25, years. The word itself is made up of the two words 'under' and 'mind' - the mind underneath the surface of things. In terms of Sri Aurobindo's yoga, the Supramind secretly active in all manifested being is undermining our limited perceptions based on limited mental capacity and the false structures built upon those limitations. In these terms the Supramind would be our secret luminous self, one day to be re-covered, re-deemed, re-cognized, honored, valued, known and loved despite our long history of knowing ourselves as an apparent darkness.

Any one who has read the transcription of the Gospel of Judas can appreciate that Jesus or the translators of the gospel frequently use the word 'generation'. Jesus give us precisely the picture of the two possibilities of Scorpio - THIS generation and THAT generation, one generation which is unredeamable in the age in which the characters of the story were living de-generate , and one generation to come which is "Self-Generating" from the Immortal Eternal Realm of the Divine Being re-generative.

Leonardo's Last Supper

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